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In this Laboratory students can improve their Physics Knowledge while performing the experiments as prescribed by the Directorate of Technical Education using following instruments.

  1. Vernier caliper
  2. Screw Gauge
  3. Concurrent Forces
  4. Deflection Magnotometer
  5. Sonometer
  6. Travelling microscope
  7. Spectro meter
  8. Solar Cells
  9. Meter Bridge
  10. Potentio Meter
  11. Joules calorimeter
  12. Copper Voltmeter
  13. PN Junction diode
  14. Logic Gates

Vernier caliper: To measure the volume of hollow and solid cylinder.

Screw Gauge: To measure the volume of any thin wire

Sonometer: To measure the frequency of a tuning fork.

Potentiometer: To compare the electro motive force (e.m.f) of any two cells.

Joule’s Caloriemeter: Based on Joules law of heating to measure the specific heat capacity.

Solar Cell:   Used to study the energy produced from sun radiation by Photo voltaic.

Copper Volta meter: To measure the electro chemical Equivalent (e.c.e) of a solution.

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In this Laboratory students can improve their Chemistry Knowledge while performing the experiments as prescribed by the Directorate of Technical Education using following instruments.

pH meter , quantitative analysis equipments and qualitative analysis equipments.

The students acquire the knowledge of metals, acids and salts.

They understand the properties and reactions of metals, acids and solution.

They develop the skill of analyzing metals, acids, bases and quality control.

 They can apply these skills in material selection for their project works, design, manufacture and working of various factory  components and devices in the field of mechanical , electrical , automobile engineering and computer  hard wares.

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  1. Head Sets
  2. Main Console Unit  for student
  3. Tape Recorder

With well furnished Air Conditioner Laboratory to develop the Language skills of the students for better placement of campus interviews.

   In the age of globalization diploma Engineering students need to improve their communication skills to cope up with the tough competition in the world.

   The interactive communicative way of teaching English under the syllabus of English communication Practical for the student is highly an innovative endeavor with view to train up the learners to speak flawless English spontaneously this help them in developing their communication skills as well as their personality. Our Objective is that our students are able to introduce one and others. It enhances one to mingle with his fellow human beings and prove his worthiness for a firm in seeking Jobs. A student will also able to deliver formal presentation thus giving them a sincere and confident approach to the speaker to face or formal gathering. The students are enabled to giver presentation on any topics. A well structured speech is carefully prepared and organized.

   The students are trained to describe the visuals creativity. The students are made efficient in comprehending oral passages, take notes and answer short questions.  The students are enriched with vocabulary of their departmental words. The training in Monodic, Dyadic and professional communication are attempted. At the end of the course, the student will be able to communicate his ideas fear free and error free, in social and professional spheres of life and imbibe life skills.

  • Listening skills are most important make out brief knowledge through listening.
  • Understand the topic by the students.
  • Listen more, pay attention , while listening from tape recorder.This  will improve listening capability.

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