Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


The Department of ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING was started by Mr.Alhaj Dr.S.M.Shaik Nurddin in the year 1996. The department was started with 60 students, latter on the demand increased due to good technical guidance by the staff and management. The Department of ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING has its vision to produce quality engineers with high ethical and professional standards for various engineering and allied fields with essential knowledge in ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY.


Well equipped with all electrical machines and testing facilities so as to increase the technical knowledge of the students.Equipped with all the facilities for wiring and testing domestic and industrial wiring.Equipped with all testing kits and live programmable kits and demonstration facilities are also available. Equipped with all testing kits and live programmable kits and demonstration facilities are also available. Students will get all types of privileges related to laboratory. And they can query also freely.


To begin with, it is necessary to consider the long-term implications of the decision to increase our dependence on permanent staff in our restaurants. For example, let us say we do go ahead. In this case, our reliance on hourly-paid staff will decrease. As a result, costs will reduce, as permanent staff are cheaper than hourly-paid staff. In fact, it is not necessarily the case, especially as there is no way of knowing what the relative costs of hourly-paid staff and permanent staff will be in ten years’ time.


Rameez Raja .K, BE

Specialization in Electrical Machines, Power Electronics. Teaching experience of 9 years


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